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Facial skincare can become increasingly challenging as we get older. Chronic dryness, dehydration, sagging features and the appearance of lines, are no doubt some, or all of the things that most forty plus women want to address with their skincare regime?

When discussing mid-life skincare, the ‘Capsule’ approach rears its head yet again. Consider embracing the merits of a few, meticulously selected products that really work. No busy, modern woman wants to battle through a laborious regimen comprising of an array of the latest supposed ‘HG’ (Holy Grail) products, when a honed selection of the right items will offer better results in mere moments.

In depth articles on both capsule and antiageing skincare will follow, but in the meantime I felt an post on my number one mega-moisturiser would be beneficial as temperatures rise and scorching beach holidays, air conditioning and soaring office temperatures start to wreak havoc on our skins’ hydration levels.

One skincare line that I have remained loyal to since a Profumerie assistant introduced me to it when living in Italy, is Shiseido. Comprising of a number of lines including; Benefiance Wrinkle Resist 24, Future Solution LX, Bio-Performance, Pureness and more, the brand appears suitable for even sensitive skin types.

The cream I turn to when plagued with dry and chronically dehydrated skin is Advanced Super Revitalizing Cream. Sitting within the Bio-Performance range this moisturiser offers impressively deep hydration within an instant of the first application. It has a deliciously melting and custard like texture that is complimented with a soft, powdery fragrance. There is no greasy residue or issue with facial shine and a little goes a very long way.

When usingnthis product there appears to be no need for a serum to ‘go deeper’. It performs equally well as both a day and night cream and is the perfect holiday moisturiser due to its three products-in-one nature. Suitable for harsh winter conditions, dry in-flight cabin air and parched environments such as offices and hotel rooms, this is undoubtedly on the Victoria Bellandini list of must-have Capsule Skincare items.

Disclaimer Notice: All items within this article are discussed from an personal, unbiased and impartial perspective. I offer no performance and satisfaction guarantees to readers, simply advice and recommendations based on personal trials, research, knowledge and experience. I have not received trial products from the featured company/ies.
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