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An Introduction to the Capsule Suitcase

As a frequent leisure and business traveller and fan of multi-centred and city orientated holidays, I remain loyal to the Capsule approach even when packing my suitcase. A well researched, planned and constructed ‘Capsule Suitcase’ should cater effectively for your trip with the minimum number of items offer the maximum number of outfit solutions.

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I am always keen to avoid unecessary travel and destination stress, avoiding the scary prospect of lugging a heavy suitcase containing a host of unecessary and repetitive items. Part of the joy of holiday travel is the easy and simplicity of your time away, throwing g odd the shackles of every day image expectations, full make p and exhausting outfit variations. 

In contrast to leisure travel is the more high pressure business trip. terms of business travel the main fear has to be opening a suitcase of unsuitable, chaotic and difficult pieces that add to your professional stress levels when it comes to stylistically preparing for a multi national meeting, presentation or evening event.

The first stage of packing easily and successfully is to establish your own capsule wardrobe.  Also I would highly recommend researching your destination in ms of the weather, national dress style, format of your vistas and people and places your expect to meet and come into contact with.

Both in light of my busy life and in order to ensure easy and consistent style I adopt the ‘Capsule’ approach to beauty and dressing at all times especially when going on vacation or business trips, as it enables me to pack quickly, efficiently and appropriately for every eventuality. Of course easy packing comes with a well edited and highly organised wardrobe which contains only the pieces that make you look and feel fabulous. 

In light of this I recommend developing your very own Capsule Wardrobe as soon as possible if you are to benefit fully from the advice and tips on this site. I will be posting step by step advice on how to build a Capsule Wardrobe and well edited beauty closet, in addition to Q&A and Contact Me facilities so that I can help you achieve great personal style on a one to one basis. 

You will be amazed how easy it will be to achieve speedy and successful shopping, dressing, packing and beauty for every occasion regardless of your age, shape, budget or lifestyle!

A ‘Capsule Suitcase’should comprise of a range of carefully selected pieces that offer a whole host of mix and match outfit opportunities with the minimum number of items. It will enable you to dress quickly and successfully no matter what the occasion and cover daywear, eveningwear, casual and smarter occasions.

When packing for any trip whether business or pleasure, there is of course more to the suitcase than just clothes and accessories.  Again with the Capsule packing mindset you can reduce unecessary weight and bulk by rejecting unecessary beauty. Aim to keep products to a minimum and more importantly demand a lot from what I do take in terms of their multi-purpose benefits and impressive performance.

One area that is perpetually challenging is finding the perfect sun protection for the unique nature of each holiday. Pure beach based, sunbathing holidays are quite straight forward in terms of protection, requiring high protection body and face products where the oil-slick look is not too much of a problem due to being makeup free.

However, in contrast to this is the challenge of the hot weather city vacation. If anything like me, you will want to look presentable and wear a moderate amount of makeup to ensure that walking the streets in a hundred degrees won’t result in a shiny, lobster face!

I have tried most, supposed, oil free city blocks, only to be disappointed when I had to resort to powder and or oil blotting sheets every thirty minutes to keep the dreaded shine under control.

However all this appears to be have been resolved with year after trying another star product from Shiseido. City Block Foundation Compact is an amazing, shine free, SPF30 makeup type products hat is natural enough for e beach, yet made up enough for hot city conditions. Applied with a sponge it feels lik ‘proper’ make up and afte a coil,e of minutes the initials slightly powder and heavier finish dissipates leaving beautiful, glowy and natural looking satin skin. The SPF is extremely effective as I am quite fair skinned and suffered no sun burn empire eight hours in strong sunshine and 90 degree heat.



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